my bike felt soooo different..... soooo much better.
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Well, I gotta hand it to the WASP and Todd for coming up with a combo that really does work!
Before we even fitted the kit two things immediately struck me...
1. The quality and the attention to detail of the kit, particularly the machined parts... the kind of quality we've come to expect from Greg, and
2. The passion these two fella's have for this project...and this is reflected in the product.

Once we had the kit fitted and tuned it was time to go for a ride.. I knew what the dyno result was, but I was more interested in finding out what all this meant on the road.... it was about 10pm, 5 degrees and I had no gloves or jacket... after 5 minutes on the bike I was pharken freezing, but I didn't care, not one bit because my bike felt soooo different..... soooo much better.

- Smooth launch
- Smooth slow corners, no jerking
- Snappy throttle response
- Noticeable torque increase
- Very strong midrange
- Strong pull all the way to the rev limiter
- Noticeable intake bark without being annoying in any way
- No more Zard overrun popping and farting....(At first I liked the exhaust pop, but the novelty wore off).

Unfortunately it ended up being a short ride, but we will be heading out this weekend for a long ride so I will post up another message with more feedback.
So far, very impressive. I can't think of any other mod that you could do to the bike for the $$$ that would deliver a better result.

Well done boys.

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