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This is by far the most surprising upgrade and the best amount of money I have ever spent
Greg Brown from WASP in Western Australia has always been known for his uncompromising pursuit of perfection. Everything he puts his name to is 110%. His tail chop looks superb and his top mounted steering damper is the best there it. When Greg announced his Power Up Kit I ordered one immediately and it arrived Friday a week ago. I had it fitted last Tuesday (although Greg assured me that a mechanic with two left hands could do it - I have 10 thumbs). Picked the bike up on Wednesday and the mechanic at my Ducati dealer just shook his head and said: I didn't think this was possible. I rode home (the long way via the nearest National Park - great roads, no cops) and came home with the widest smile on my face you could imagine and I have not been able to wipe it off just yet. It's a different bike; Terrific throttle response, heaps of more horse power and (although I run my bike with Termis and the baffles in) a wonderfully deep, throaty sound. It's still a very well behaved bike at slow speed around town but is unbelievably responsive once you give it heaps. You find yourself changing gears a lot quicker and you get beyond legal speeds in seconds and before you realize it. On my first ride I found the limiter twice (and in the 3 years I've had the bike I probably only ever hit the limiter once). You need to get used to the fact that redline is a lot closer now and get used to the different notes of the engine. You automatically change gear at higher revs and tend to ride the bike harder without even realizing it. Would I recommend it? HELL YES!
I have spent a lot of money on accessories on my bike; some bling, some functional and some because the bike needed it; This is by far the most surprising upgrade and the best amount of money I have ever spent. Just make sure that you upgrade your brakes... (I've done this a while ago as I didn't like the standard brakes at all).
In short: the WASP Power Up Kit is remarkable and the best thing since sliced bread.
Have a look at:
and value for money is abloodymazing.

My Ducati makes me happy!

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Date Added: 03/20/2010 by Greg Brown