Wow what a different machine. This was money well spent!
Well boys, I installed the Puk Kit last Thursday night. Stayed up til 2 am to finish it. I got a chance to ride her yesterday in near perfect wheather 77deg or so and Sunny! I really like the kit. I unfortunately did not get to do a dyno run prior to install but my seat of the pants dyno tells me she is pulling harder and much quicker than before. Let me back up a bit... I received the package after the post office attempted a delivery to my home at 11:00 am.? I guess they figured that I did not have a job and would be there..I don't know. Anyway, once I opened the package it was apparent that this was going to be a quality kit just from the way it was packaged. Each piece was individually wrapped in bubble rap with rubber bands holding them nice and tight. (Greg is not cheap with the bubble wrap either. BTW Greg, thanks for saving me a trip to the office supply. I used some of the wrap to send a watch off to be serviced) After unpacking and staring at everything for a while I began the second part of the install. This was the second part because Greg was gracious enough to send me the installation manual via email and I had already gotten to the point where I needed the kit parts to continue. I have to say that the instructions are the most thorough set of instruction I have ever seen on ANYTHING! I feel pretty confident that my 12 year old nephew could install this thing. Everything is laid out thoughtfully and purposefully. This is truly a plug and play unit! It took me about 2 hours to finish the install as I followed every detail of the instruction. I was also impressed by the "extra tips" that Greg gives in the installation manual. For instance the use of dielectric grease in the spliced connections is something that seems trivial and is often overlooked but having been in the heavy duty truck lighting business, I know its importance. The same goes for the grease on the fuel fitting gaskets.. great preventative measure. So the TPS set and everything buttoned up I go for the initial ride 2 days later.

The Ride
Now back to the beginning... The seat of the Pants dyno tells me she is pulling harder for sure. I also now notice the thunder like howl that the bike makes beginning at about 5800 RPM. Very sweet! I got to about 130mph and she was still pulling hard! Wow what a different machine. This was money well spent! The only down side is that I most certainly need better brakes! Great job Greg! Keep the stuff coming Bro!
Date Added: 05/04/2010 by Erik Esparza