M696/1100 PUK

The Wasp M696/1100 PUK is a complete replacement induction system for all fuel injected Ducati 696 and 1100 Monsters. The factory original air-box and throttle...





WASP M696/1100 PUK

Starting at: AU$1,340.00

The Wasp M696/1100 PUK is a complete replacement induction system for all fuel injected Ducati M696/1100 Monsters.
The factory original air-box and throttle body intake bells are incredibly restricted to meet worldwide emissions and noise standards, so by opening up this bottleneck to increasing the flow and velocity of air into the engine, and by the addition of a Power-Commander PC3 fuel control module we have made amazing gains in horsepower and torque through out the rev range, and also turned this engine into a smooth and tractable power-plant from idle all the way to the electronic rev limiter. Check out the results yourself on the dyno sheets and read the many user reviews on the link’s located at the bottom of the page.

The Wasp M696/1100 PUK(s1) kit is designed for fitment to all Termigoni/DP ECU equipped Ducati M696 and M1100 models and includes a pre-mapped Power-Commander PC5 with O2 Optimizers, large K&N filters for throttle body inlets, small K&N filters for air-idle and crank-case breathers, and all stainless steel mounting bracket’s and hardware. The kit includes “Outerwears™” water repellent covers for both both throttle body inlet filters.
Wasp M696/1100 PUKs1 kit is 100% "Plug & Play". Just follow the comprehensive full colour instruction manual with nothing to manufacture and no time wasted standing around scratching your head, and, absolutely no modifications are required to your bike, or any of the components removed.

You can see the inlet restriction inherent to the standard Ducati induction system in the left hand photo above. The lid you see in the picture is actually the “race” air-box lid which includes the 44mm round inlet hole on top. The standard air-box lid does not even have that hole and does all of it’s breathing through the 25mm square passage on the side.
By comparison, the middle photograph above shows the enormous unrestricted intake area the Wasp M696/1100 PUK offers through the free breathing K&N filters without having to negotiate any power robbing restriction holes. Consider the difference in air flow capability of 2x 100mm bore x 140mm high K&N filters vs 1x 54mm bore x 130mm high factory standard filter.

The right hand photo above shows possibly the best display of just how much of a departure the Wasp M696/1100 PUK inlet bellmouths are from the Ducati factory standard inlet bellmouths. The profile and size (and even the surface finish) of the Wasp M696/1100 PUK inlet bellmouths was a product of many hours of intensive computer aided design and flow modelling. The data gathered from the design process was then verified and fine tuned on our own dyno over a five month period with an accumulated 3700kms (on the dyno) in more than 750 recorded runs using four Ducati Sport Classic test bikes.

In component form, the Wasp M696/1100 PUK kit consists of:

  • Power-Commander PC5 with O2 Optimizers includes complete wiring harness with twin cyl tuned maps pre-loaded for your configuration.
  • Anodized 6061-T6 billet alloy performance inlet bellmouths.
  • K&N washable un-limited mile guarantee inlet filters.
  • Outerwears™ water repellent inlet filter socks.
  • K&N washable un-limited mile guarantee air-idle and crank-case breather filters.
  • Anodized 6061-T6 billet alloy filter mounts, air-idle breather hose and stainless steel hose clamps.
  • All stainless steel bolts and fasteners for complete installation.
  • Laser-cut and CNC press stainless steel rear coil pack and PC3 mounting plate.
  • Cable-ties for PC3 harness restraint.
  • Comprehensive 36 page full colour installation manual with over 60 high resolution photographs.