Sport Classic Power Up Kit components


Here is what you get in the box when you order a SC1000 PUK. It is complete with all the parts and info that you need to upgrade your bike to the next level of performance that you are chasing. You will find Teflon coated billet alloy velocity stacks that have been dyno proven, and you engine is protected with four K&N filters which are the best in the industry. Outerwears are there for added protection from the elements, and also for those days you get caught out in the rain. Stainless laser cut and CNC pressed brackets and stainless fasteners a give trouble free operation and ease of servicing.

A pre-mapped Powercommander (plug n play) with a twin cylinder tune for you bike already preloaded is included to. No more lean or dangerous running conditions because of incorrect air/fuel ratios. We also supply a 30 plus page and photo colour downloadable instruction booklet that will assist in the installation to remove all the guess work. Anyway last but not least, we try to offer the best after sale service that we can.

As far as BHP for your buck............ you can't go past the PUK.